A simple trn4 session begins by selecting a news server, and then one or more newsgroups to read.

Choose the threads, subjects, or individual articles you'd like to read. This selector offers multiple styles, including long (shown above), short (below) and date.

You have extensive control of each component of the message display screen, including the format of the date+time converted to your local time zone. The Newsgroups header is normally hidden, but is displayed to alert you that the message is posted to multiple groups. Even if the message is crossposted to ten groups, trn offers it to you only once, the first time it's encountered. When used in an xterm, trn4 is mouse-aware, so you can click on a node in the tree and trn will show that article. In a selector, left-clicking on an item selects it while middle-clicking an item will move to that item. If you click the bottom (footer) line of the selector it executes the default command for the page (left click) or goes down a page (middle click). You can also use the right mouse button to move up or down a page by clicking in the upper-half or lower-half of the screen, respectively. To select text, use the mouse buttons as usual, but hold the shift key down as you select.

By pressing t while reading an article, you can see a larger portion of the thread tree than is displayed in the top right corner, along with the full subject info.

These thread fragments were intended to be part of a larger thread, but 3 messages were posted with defective software which failed to include "References" data. All responses to the defective messages also suffer detachment from the main discussion.

trn4's option selector provides a full-screen interface for configuration of many common settings; press ampersand followed by the enter key to activate this feature.

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