[png image: output of t command showing numbered subjects and ascii-tree
with numbered nodes (479x224pixels; 1986 Bytes)]

Trn, the Threaded Newsreader

Trn is an advanced text-mode newsreader -- a computer program that provides the interface used to participate in usenet newsgroups (discussion forums distributed worldwide by cooperating servers) or local forums using similar standards. What sets trn apart from other newsreaders is its thread-tree-centric presentation of discussions and powerful commands to skip or select portions of the tree. As you begin reading each message, an ascii-graphic "you are here" representation of the structure of the discussion appears in the top right corner of the screen.

Trn4 has a full-screen, color, mouse-aware interface, including an option selector to control the most common configuration settings. There's a newsgroup selector and an add-group selector. Cliff Adams's strn has been integrated into trn4.

Several screenshots are available.

As you become accustomed to trn, you become more and more aware of how it helps improve the quality of discussions. You'll see poor replies, and think "That blunder would not have happened if they'd been using trn", because trn has been developed with this as a top priority.

Common Commands:

,     mark this article and all descendants as read
<tab> skip quoted portion of this article
n     mark this article as read and display the next one
k     mark all articles of the current subject as read
J     mark all articles in this thread as read
{     jump to root article
-     toggle display of current/previous article
s f   save current article to a mailbox file called f
:s f  save all selected articles to a mailbox file called f
::s f save all unselected articles to a mailbox file called f
:.s f save the current thread to a mailbox file called f
T     thread autoselect/reject menu
A     author+subject autoselect/reject menu
h     show introductory help menu
H     context-sensitive help
spacebar: "do the normal thing" (whichever item is offered first on the menu)

The arrow keys and mouse can be used to navigate the tree

At the newsgroups selector, typing
      \a garden
will offer a list of groups whose name contains the substring "garden",
and you can use the selector to subscribe to one or more of these.

Ready-to-run trn4 packages are available for many systems, including Free/Open/NetBSD, Debian, and its derivatives -- Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Mint, et al.

Here are some minimal sample config files to get you started:
trnrc, access, newsrc
(Put them in your ~/.trn/ directory.)
Edit ~/.trn/access to specify additional servers.

If you find that the default terminal emulator of your desktop environment is suboptimal for use with trn, try installing rxvt and launching with parameters something like this (on a single line):
rxvt -g 100x44+0+0 +sb -rv -fn '-misc-fixed-medium-r-normal-*-15-140-75-*-c-*-iso8859-1' -e trn -s